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  • 11 June- 2018

    Best Practices with a Sprinkler System

    A sprinkler system is a handy way to ensure your lawn gets the water it needs to grow full and lush, without having to stand out there with hose in hand. As with most equipment, there are simple things you can do to help your sprinkler system work better and more efficiently.

    21 July- 2018

    Make Life Easier for Your Lawn

    You think you have stress? What about your lawn? The sun beats down on it. People walk all over it. It's thirsty, and weeds want to take over. Yes, it's rough out there in the yard. But you can take some easy steps to help your lawn cope with the stresses of summer.

  • 28 Sep- 2018

    Try Not to Walk on Your Grass

    When you walk on well-watered grass, the grass blades spring back. On a dry lawn, the grass stays beaten down, and the grass itself can be damaged. Also, heavy foot traffic on wet soil can lead to soil compaction, which keeps air from getting to grass roots.

    30 Nov- 2018

    Keep Your Mower Blade Sharp and High

    Dull mower blades shred grass, so they lose more moisture than they would with a clean cut. Also, the shredded tips turn brown, making the lawn look dull. Most grass types prefer to be mowed high, so set your blade at one of the highest settings on your mower. Taller grass grows deeper roots, and deeper roots can reach moisture that's further down in the soil.

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Heat, dry weather, and foot traffic are major stresses for most types of grass. Others include weeds and bugs, but they can become worse when your lawn is already suffering.

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