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Technology Intelligence

Every year, R&D companies invest millions of dollars in ideation and development of new technologies and products. Under such circumstances, it is imperative for them to understand the technological and competitive space before making pivotal decisions.


Due Diligence

IP due diligence is an integral part of an organization in planning for their maximization profits by avoiding costly mistakes and properly determining the value of business transactions involving IP. Our IP due diligence experts provide valuable reports.


Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio analysis is conducted to analyze the relevant strength of all patents and patent application owned by a specific company. An effective portfolio analysis assists in identifying the value in patent portfolio which over the time period can be lost.


Technology Licensing

With the support of our global technology partners, we assist our clients in Technology Transfer, Technology Evaluation and & Development. Our technology transfer and facilitates all SMEs to upgrade their technologies with possibilities of Research.


Whitespace Analysis

Whitespace analysis helps in identifying new areas in the technology which have no or very less research activity. During the technology segmentation in landscape analysis, there are technology gaps which can be exploited for further product and technology developments.


Technology Scouting

Technology Scouting is an efficient approach for advancement in a field to determine the approaches with a plan to make a product. In current scenario, the majority of the industry verticals are facing challenge of consistently furnishing their product pipeline.

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We provide customized and comprehensive technology landscape reports which help clients to analyze a range of current and upcoming technologies, as well as existing and emerging players active in the domain. These reports provide meaningful insights at micro.

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Our clients gain tremendous benefits through our in-depth analysis of the technologies that their competitors are investing in. These analysis enabled clients to explore new applications for their technology by identifying potential white spaces for investment in.

Further support

We have also helped clients foray into new technology areas and markets by revealing technology trends and opportunities that exist in the periphery of their current capabilities.

Technology Landscape

Technology is a progressive area, the graph will always move up and new technologies will keep emerging with advancing years, and so will the competition among existing and future companies.

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We help you to grow up your business and solution for your impressive projects.



We help you to grow up your business and solution for your impressive projects.



We help you to grow up your business and solution for your impressive projects.

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I would like to let you know that I am retiring on 6/23. I want you to know that it has been an extreme pleasure to work with this company.

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