Globals Security International, is a set up insight, examination and observation organization with our International central command situated in London and our US home office in New York

When you have suspicions that something isn’t quite right, our experts can help you get to the truth.

Globals Security International is a completely authorized private examination organization. We have a broad, overall system of contacts and sources from law requirement, the knowledge network, the military, private, open, and the corporate area. These sources empower us to acquire redid, dependable, difficult to-get insight and furnish analytical administrations with the most elevated level of value and profundity of investigation.

Our US based workplaces have some expertise in government, corporate and private examinations and can help with resource following, due perseverance examinations, licensed innovation insurance, individual verifications and witness interviews. Our expert specialized group can exhort on digital security, PC legal sciences and TSCM (Electronic countermeasures and bug clears).

We handle complex criminal examinations including misrepresentation, renumeration, debasement and burglary. We additionally handle extraordinary examinations, for example, composed wrongdoing, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, crime, grab and payment and human dealing cases.
We additionally offer help and insight examinations for various corporate and government customers.

Globals Security International can give help to private customers which incorporates observation, missing individual cases, witness area and getting proof for marital and authority contest. We offer administrations that can help when occurrences abroad out of the blue arrise. View our scope of administrations.

To discuss how we can assist with an issue, contact us now in confidence.


Globals Security featured on Law Enforcement Today
Globals Security featured on Law Enforcement Today
7 March 2019
Globals Security International has been praised for its work in augmenting law enforcement agencies in an article published by Law Enforcement Today. Read more...
Body language secrets behind lie detection
Body language secrets behind lie detection
28 January 2019
Globals Security New York's Stephen Komorek has just completed another lie detection certification course with a 100% pass rate from students on the final test. Read more...
Andrew McLaren joins Globals Security family
Andrew McLaren joins Globals Security family
17 January 2019
Former marine, TV celebrity and executive protection expert Andrew McLaren is to be a liaison for Globals Security's international protection program. Read more...

"Stephen Komorek exceeds expectations in his capacity to process complex snippets of data or insight from a wrongdoing scene or case and very quickly produce noteworthy knowledge based off the realities of that case. I have come to know, trust, and rely upon Stephen as a Senior Operational Agent working with my office. I can unmistakably state from my very own proficient working information, that he has a profoundly novel range of abilities of law implementation, insight and Special Operations experience.”