What We Do

Residential Design

We believe that the ultimate powerhouse for all of us is our “home”. Thus, we design and exquisite interior to make that house turn into a beautiful home. Home is a source of energy and light into our lives. We have designed amazing spaces for the modern humans of today, catering to every aspect of his daily routine. A beautiful home not only brings positivity but also makes you live in peace after the hectic chores of today.

Office Design

Offices is one place where we spend most of the time of our lives. We believe it has to be kept as per the likability of the one who operates from it. While designing office interiors we make sure we bring a lot of energy and positivity into it. It helps in bringing more massive power into the daily cycle and enhances the perspectives of anyone and everyone. Not only the boss but the workers aspire for this amazing space.

Commercial Design

Our team has extensively worked on amazing commercial design projects which have not only helped our clients but also have been a very amazing trend between their circle. From shop to store interiors, from lounges to pubs, the coffee shops and the takeaway stores, we love doing it all. You can always reach out to us to churn new ideas and find new solutions as per your needs.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Our process starts with a simple understanding of the requirements of our clients. We sit with them to evaluate the requirements in depth to understand how to go about building the best interior and decor for them. We value the suggestions by the customer and provide them appropriate solutions in terms of cost-feasibility and delivery. This not only helps us understand the customer budgets but also relate with the opportunities for your next best interior. This helps us source the right products and the right materials for you and helps us bring out the amazing look and feel which you have been waiting for.

Basis our discussions during Meet & Agree, we go ahead into deep analysis and how to bring about the best interior and decor for your property. This includes re-imagining space and build a relative concept of how we can improve the look and feel using 3D graphics, sketching and ideation techniques. We are motivated if the customer can tell us about their ideas too, because whatever we build, we feel that it would be best if it provides best ambiance and atmosphere meeting the eye of the beholder. Thus, using every minute details we build the concepts on how it would provide the best look and feel.

Using the specifications and ideas we create a plan of action so as to build the next level designer interior. Our team works on design and concepts and starts building the next masterpiece at the location or at our warehouse as per the requirement whether its a movable or unmovable part of the entire design. Our Project Managers keep a close watch on the laborers involved and the team used is specifically the one which is certified for their best work under the guidance of award winning Team Leads.

Last but not the least, we build the location, make changes to accommodate the new interiors. From matching design and surroundings to the roof and everything, we make sure that the ambiance is soothingly serene and contains a proper flow. We lay a lot of emphasis on the design flow which helps us build the right interiors and match the styling and aroma of the space. We keep a keen eye on detail and make sure that everything is delivered as a perfect masterpiece and make not only the customers proud but also makes us proud to work on this innovative concept for them.

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