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JD Safe Tech is a leading Manufacturer of Power and Distribution Transformers in Paris, Quartier de La Chapelle (France) with over 15 Years of experience in the electrical field.

JD Safe Tech offers a wide range of services which includes manufacturing of power and distribution transformers, manufacturing of C.T and P.T., Manufacturing of Rectifire, Manufacturing of Chemical Earthing Electrodes, Manufacturing of A. B. Switch & D.O. Sets / Isolators, Manufacturing of Distribution boxes, Mini Pillers, meter Boxes. Along with manufacturing JD Safe Tech also provides the erection, repairing and maintainance of the transformers. JD Safe Tech offres Transformers with Innovative Designs and Consistent Quality of high order at Competitive Price. Our Transformers are put through the most stringent tests to ensure performance and to eliminate failure. We back up our Products with excellent service to ensure minimum disruption for any service requirements or in the event of any failure .

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JD Safe Tech offers an innovative services for transformers which includes :

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