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Organic-Based Lawn, Tree, & Shrub Spray Programs

Lazer Lawns. is an organic-based, environmentally responsible, owner-operated lawn and shrub care company in Westchester, New York. All associates are N.Y.S. certified arborists. Ours is the only program of its kind that not only feeds the trees as it feeds the lawn, but does so without adding toxic salts commonly found in commercial fertilizers. Choose Lazer Lawns. for:

  • Organic-Based Lawn, Tree, & Shrub Spray Programs
  • All inclusive programs-DON"T PAY EXTRA !
  • Insect, Disease, Grub, and Weed control for Lawns and Shrubs
  • Lyme Tick and Mosquito control
  • All work by a state certified applicator/owner
  • Free Estimates- no need to be home, we will review your property free and get back to you via e-mail or phone

Protecting Your Landscape & Environment

Since 1985, Lazer Lawns has been providing non-toxic tree and lawn care that promotes beautiful, green landscapes without excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Our Organic fertilizers actually help repair toxic soils and restore biology. Products used include botanical oil extracts such as:
Vegetables - Lazer Lawns in Yonkers, NY
Garlic - Lazer Lawns in Yonkers, NY
Yucca - Lazer Lawns in Yonkers, NY
  • Adams Earth soil conditioner
  • Beneficial Fungi & Bacteria
  • Seaweed
  • Natural Phosphite fungicides
  • Fish Emulsion
  • Garlic- a natural insecticide and fungicide
  • Neem- an ayurvedic insecticide and fungicide
  • Worm Droppings
  • Yucca- natural soil conditioner
  • Vegetable and Parafinic oils
Protect your lawn and the environment. Contact us for a free consultation today. 
See Lyme Disease tab for information on new tick disease threat to the Northeastern United States !
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