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The soul of The Maxx Gym is fed by only - ONLY - the ambition to propel you to mould your body into something amazing. The Maxx Gym will make you want to forget the outside world. Incredible thumping music by our in-house DJ will create the magnetising electric atmosphere you always needed, but never knew you could have. ​ A few weeks spent with us at The Maxx Gym, and you will never find workouts tedious again. The hours at the gym will become the most anticipated part of your day: you will get what you always dreamt of, and you will get it in the unexpectedly pleasant way you could never have thought of…



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Just positioning yourself on one of our specialized strength stations is going to make you happier and more confident about your strength building-abilities! Our exercise stations by BH Fitness (Europe’s leading fitness equipment manufacturer) are bio mechanically perfect and have been designed to be easy to use for beginners, while offering advanced features that appeal to experienced exercisers. Our strength machines come equipped with a special monitor that displays information like number of repetitions completed, percentage completed, calories, total weight lifted, rest time between sessions to let you focus completely on your exercise!

Health Center

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Health Center

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Need someone to push you to give your best? We’ve got a bunch of professional trainers whose sole aim at the gym is to mould your body into a perfect masterpiece. Our trainers are fitness professionals involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. Our trainers also measure clients’ strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments. They also educate the clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including general health and nutrition guidelines. If a trainer suspects that one of his or her clients has a medical condition that could prevent the client from safe participation in an exercise program, they may refer the client to the proper health professional.

Revealed: 5 Reasons You May Be Gaining Weight While Working Out

Weight decrease is certainly not an immediate system and you aren't going to see speedy results—paying little respect to how much function you put in. If you didn't get 30 pounds medium-term, you can't plan to lose it that quickly either. Our bodies are exceptional machines and when you present something new: exercise or dietary changes, our bodies need to recalibrate and make modifications. Dependent upon the individual, it can take weeks and even quite a while for your body to respond.