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We are one of the Chennai's driving Smartphone Service Center Mylapore, Chennai. Our experienced and skilled experts offer you an ensured service. We handle our customers in a well disposed manner. Our exceptionally arranged staff parts are best at serving customers. The accepted procedures executed in our association demonstrate a pleasant support of our customers and meanwhile we incorporate capable touch by passing on flawless and clear organizations. We provide our customers predominant quality parts, by using only the most critical new parts. The astonishing parts we offer to our customers are similar parts we use for our own specific repairs.

Here we acknowledge there is no better demonstration of the veritable quality, than the positive contributions of our satisfied customers. Most repairs are done to the most surprising standard, while keeping up the producer's extraordinary feel and convenience. Remain by duty in giving unrivaled parts, exhibited repair methodology, and customer support services which are second to none. The positive input and referrals made by our customers energize us to wind up a standout amongst the most favored service center in Mylapore, Chennai. We have the group of experts who has extraordinary contribution in Smartphone repairs. We offer lively, creative, insignificant exertion services. We offer the entire responses for Smartphone repairs. Whatever issue you have with your Smartphone we would manage your issues.

Smartphone Service Center can help fix all types of issues you can picture and problems related to On/Off button, Volume button, Ringer complications, Sensor problems, Camera problems, IC problems, Strip Problems, Connector problems, Rebooting problem, Mic issues, Charging problems, Lcd,Led setbacks, together with problems related to Touch, Battery, Network, Vibrating hinders, Ear speaker problems, be it wrecked or broken display, equipment issues (e.g. defective video camera) software problems solve in Smartphone Service Center in chennai. We pecialized in repair services of Samsung, Blackberry and iPhone, with the fastest turnaround times, our experienced and trained technicians will take the hassle out of getting your cell phone repaired. Smartphone Service Center in chennai can help with all of this and more. Our skilled repair technicians are highly trained and experienced in providing all different types of repairs.

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Water Damage

As much as we're all aware that our mobile phone should be kept away from water, accidents do happen. Many of us have been through those horrible few seconds where we can see our phone heading towards a sink of water, or even down the toilet! In many circumstances this can mean the end of your phone and you're left with a hefty bill in order to replace it.

Software Issues

Your Smartphone software getting hanged up always and not able to open any application in Smartphone. The phone's working framework can get corrupted at whatever point, now and again with no liberal or bona fide reason! It is astoundingly hard to value its working and prepare.

Charging Faults

If you have an Smartphone and it isn't charging as it used to then you need to look at whether your dock connector is broken and whether it can be repaired. Dock connector problems can be caused by actual damage or just general wear and tear, either way you can be sure that we'll have a service that will be able to help repair it.

Device not Booting Fault

Your mobile isn't booting up appropriately and it has taken trip. Well the condition isn't interesting and exploring with essential thing which you ought to do first before arriving at a total of giving it for repair. The issue can be happened with deteriorate Android OS or loathsome equipment or by the use of chargeable application.

Security Codes Reset

The Smartphone touch is available in two models the Slide with a slide-out qwerty keyboard and the familiar smartphone version. Both models enable you to lock the device using a pattern, PIN or password to prevent unauthorized users from snooping through your phone or causing other problems. If you forget the code to unlock your phone, you have limited options to regain access.

Housing Replacement

To have the housing replaced for your Smartphone mobile, to make it look like new again. Our experienced technicians replace body housing within two hours and make your phone as new one.

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  • “ We will keep the mobile in observation and check any issue occur after that ,If the probelm completely rectified we call the customer to get the mobile. Our technical skills and quality service make other customer satisfied for the mobile service. ”


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  • “ iphone unlocking problem is one of the main problem occur in iphone. There will be some techncial process to be done to unlock the mobile. So that our experience technicians use updated software to recover the mobile and make the iphone working well. ”


  • “ We will keep the mobile in observation and check any issue occur after that ,If the probelm completely rectified we call the customer to get the mobile. Our technical skills and quality service make other customer satisfied for the mobile service. ”