• Domestic Pumps

    Domestic pumps are Ideal for homes to maintain water pressure in taps and for general applications.

  • Agriculture Pumps

    We are manufacturing excellent qualitative pumps and motors for farm and agricultural use at reasonable cost.

  • Industrial Pumps

    We are offering a wide variety of Industrial Pumps for different Industrial applications, sizes and specifications.

  • Solar Pumps

    Our solar pumping system is a stand-alone system operating on power generated using solar energy with strong integration.

Spirit Pumps wears on its lapel 50 years of pioneering effort to sustain leadership in the motors and pumps marketplace. It is among the earliest to have established integrated manufacturing facilities and today operates from 4 modern operating divisions that include motors and pumps division, foundry division, submersible pumps division and engineering services division.

Best-in-class manufacturing, in-house services and value engineering have been the mainstay of each Spirit Pumps product which range over 750 varied pumps across verticals that include Agriculture, Industry and the Domestic Sectors. Best practices business transparency endears Spirit Pumps to its business associates and customers prompting it to secure mind share in the market by the promise of 'Performance, Value & Trust'.

Spirit Pumps endears itself to society by being an active CSR partner in environment enhancement initiatives. Spirit Pumps Print campaigns for water conservation, environment preservation etc are regularly featured in magazines and journals in the regions. All Spirit Pumps products reflect the company's sensitivity to environment.

CE, ISI, ISO standards and 5 star ratings ensure that products delivered to the market confirm to quality standards par excellence. From a humble start in 1960 Spirit Pumps is today a leader in the Motor & Pumps sector reaching far and wide nationally and globally.