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  • All Geared Precision Lathe Machine
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Our Misison

Our Mision at Star Max Machine Tools is to give customer fulfillment by furnishing predominant quality items alongside auspicious conveyance, whose presentation and configuration are in understanding to most recent innovation which help them increase upper hand.

Our Vision

Our Vision at Star Max Machine Tools is to be the main organization of machine that is joined with unrivaled quality, practical, longer sturdiness, advance innovation and best after deal administration furnished to client with item.

Our Strength

Unrivaled procedures, high generation productivity, with great quality have made us very notable in INDIA. We have turned into the pioneer in assembling Lathe machine. We commit All of our endeavors to give prevalent quality machine at sensible cost.

Our Product Range

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Quality Control Department
Outfitted with Plug and Ring Guages, Micrometers, Vernier Caliper, Dial Caliper, Dial Gauges, Feeler Gauges, Surface Plate, Straight edges, Slip Gauges, Sound Level Meter, Sound Level Calibrator, Hardness Tester, Temperature Meter, Crack Detector, Tachometer, Surface analyzer, Optical level, Pitch Comparator, Screw Pitch Micrometer, Bench Center, Frame Level (L.C. 0.02 mm/mt)
The quality control and Inspection office works freely under the direction of an administrator and bargain of Quality Control Engineer and group of Inspectors. The Q.C. office controls the Quality via doing review of approaching crude materials, brought out segments and at all phases of assembling till the dispatch of the machine.
Raw Material Control
All approaching crude material, for example, C.I. Castings, Steel, Non-Ferrous materials and so on., are tried/kept an eye on 100% reason for physical properties and compound piece according to standard determinations. The materials are examined/tried for noticeable imperfections, hardness, elasticity, furnished with material testing offices, for example, Rockwell Hardness, analyzer, Universal hardness analyzer, Electromagnetic break locator and D.P. test. All non-affirming materials are dismissed and came back to the providers.
Control of brought of Components
All brought out parts are reviewed before utilizing them, Components not affirming to detail are dismissed and came back to the providers. Assessment is finished regarding standard determination and drawings. Basic segments are minded 100% premise and non-basic parts are kept an eye on examining premise. Electrical segments, types of gear, bearing, latches and so forth., bought are of rumored make.
Packing Controls
After definite review and trial of the machine, it is guaranteed that the machine is all around secured till dispatch. Pressing of the machine is checked and guaranteed that it is made solid, durable and climate confirmation to give insurance against harm, dust and so forth during travel.
Metrology Controls
The Q.C. division is well furnished with an assortment of exactness estimating checks are done; it cleans evidence and has controlled temperature. Gauges, for example, slip squares, optical pads, comparatives are utilized for adjustment. All exhausted, inadequate and harm measures and so forth are disposed of.
Quality Records
Records are kept for review/testing completed during all stockpiling of assembling the machine for example from approaching crude material up to dispatch of the machine.