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We pride ourselves on catering to the unique character and individuality of our clientele , all the while creating unforgettable experiences and surpassing expectations.

As a food catering provider we are committed standards and continuously developing our services to exceed client's expectation.

We promise to deliver best in quality food with no compromise in health and taste made from the finest quality ingredients to produce food.

Specializes in :

  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate Lunch Buffets And Packed Meals
  • Event Tie Ups
  • Institute Tie Ups
  • Family events

Our buffet service and packed meals can be customized to meet our clients specific needs. We have our deliveries all over Bulgaria

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Diet Section of LuncheonBox

Today people are rethinking, how they eat? They want organic, fresh, local good sourced from humanly treated animals but sadly they mostly ignore the people who clean, cut, prepare and package their food. Here comes The Burger Faktory with your health on top priority.

We specialize in diet food and menus, our expert dieticians who are on our panel exclusively design menus that suit and fit your requirement. We carefully look in to the requirements of each client as they are all unique but one thing remains common in all “HEALTH”. Regular monitoring by the dieticians of the food makes our mission for health successful.

Few glowing testimonials from The Burger Faktory Catering events at SaharaOverseas

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