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☐ Are your roof fans acting up?

☐ Fans becoming  noisy?

☐ Or not pulling as they used to?

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since 1955 

Highly recommended

We are accredited members of the Better Business Bureau of greater New York City, since April 2005m We maintain a A+ rating 

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We are a member of Easa. The acronym for Electrical Apparatus Service Association. They are the recognized international authority on top quality standards. 

Expert and quick service

On all types of pumps used in New York city.

Pumps and more

Sales, Service, Installations, Repairs

  • House pumps
  • Sump pumps
  • Roof tank pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Pool pumps
  •  Control Panels

  • Water tower controls

  • Vacuum Pumps

  • Condensate return

  • Heating  Fuel circulators
  • Boiler feed

  • Hot water circulators 

  •  Sewage Ejectors

  • Turbine Pumps

  • Booster systems

Our area in Manhattan's Chelsea zone. Enables us to land at your siphon fix area rapidly and effectively. Likewise to similarly serve Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. 

Siphons, Roof fans, Electric engines, Air blowers, and their programmed controls 


We will answer to you what's up with your gear. Our prepared professionals will initially analyze the issue, at that point propose to you the most conservative and savvy approach to cure the circumstance. Regardless of whether it is a siphon fix or a total substitution. 

We have a completely loaded machine shop on premises, to promptly manufacture parts for your siphon fixes, We likewise have a huge supply of new parts. This is significant for a speedy turnaround.

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