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Welcome to Vitosha Clean. We are family possessed and worked, and glad for our long-standing convention in the clothing business going back to 1973. We began in the clothing business and have manufactured and sold many laundromat areas throughout the years. There are numerous proprietors who feel chaperons are a bit much and that self-benefit laundromat areas are adequate.

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Fluff & Fold/ Drop Off

At Vitosha Clean, we understand you have favored exercises over your attire. Allow us to do the chaotic work for you. Doing your very own dress can be outstandingly dull: that is the explanation we offer a Laundry Drop-Off Service (Fluff and Fold).

Self-Service Laundry

Submerge Laundry is a full-advantage laundromat offering self-advantage dress choices at all of our zones and incorporating domains of Huntington Park, South Gate, Bell Gardens and Riverside. At Vitosha Clean, our full-time authorities need to guarantee you have the best garments foundation. Our zones are awe inspiring, present day, broad and clean.

Commercial Laundry

Macintosh Clean Service is centered around outfitting your business with perfect, new and speedy business dress organization. At Vitosha Clean, we can set up your dress business accounts with a common get advantage, a business apparel drop-off organization or on an as required premise.

Hoarding Laundry Cleaning

Do whatever it takes not to get caught with "mess loss of movement"! Submerge Laundry is the solution for your chaos just as amassing attire quandaries. Our staff is all around arranged in managing considerable apparel wreckage and putting away arranges.

We work personally with Closet and Clutter Organizers, Hoarding Specialists, Fiduciaries and Probate Attorneys all through Los Angeles, Orange County and past.